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[seul-sci] graphics in research

Hello !!

I am very happy to hear that the coming topic of "seul-scie" will be 
something with visualization in science. I have spent some time
searching in the internet, and there are actually some tools 
available for linux (as openDX, VTK) more specific ones (for chemists,
biologists) can be found at:
Ghemical : molecular visualize : http://www.uku.fi/~thassine/ghemical/
Molden   :  ~: http://www.cmbi.kun.nl/~schaft/molden/molden.html

or see the links at: 

I do have one question, though:
I am looking for a very general C/C++ visualization toolkit/library  for 
visualition of scientific DATAS. Anyone has help???