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[seul-sci] Scientists Demand Open Access to Research

More interesting news on slashdot:

An AC sent in: "15,817 scientists have threatened to boycott  all
journals that refuse to provide free public online access to their
articles within 6 months of publication. After all, the scientists
provide the articles free of charge. What's the excuse the journals use?
They claim that public archives introduce errors into the articles,
making them unreliable!" We've run stories about the journal debate
before; see this one or this one or this one . But it sounds like
scientists are getting a bit peeved now - good for them. The lesson that
"No, you don't have to give up all your rights to your work in exchange
for publication anymore" is one that musicians could stand to learn as
well. I guess the scientists are faster learners. 


and the article it references:


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