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Re: [seul-sci] [Fwd: Credit where credit is due]

On Mon, Jan 08, 2001 at 08:01:25PM -0500, Pete St. Onge wrote:
> interesting. any ideas?

[standard GNU/Linux argument snipped]

Personally, I think that GNU/Linux is a fine term when applied correctly,
but to use it generically can be dangerous.  Linux systems exist where the
GNU tools don't make up a majority of the OS components.  In these cases,
I don't think GNU/Linux is the right term.  In addition, the argument has
always seemed to have a slightly jealous tinge to it on the part of
Stallman (note:  I use Debian GNU/Linux here at work, and have nothing
for respect for RMS).

But anyway, what I really wanted to say is, why needlessly limit scope to
"Linux in Science"?  Shouldn't we be promoting the use of free software,
regardless of what OS it runs on (or is)?

(/me puts on his fireproof BSD hat)

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