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Re: [seul-sci] [Fwd: Credit where credit is due]

On Tue, Jan 09, 2001 at 10:54:11AM -0600, Aaron Malone wrote:
> But anyway, what I really wanted to say is, why needlessly limit scope to
> "Linux in Science"?  Shouldn't we be promoting the use of free software,
> regardless of what OS it runs on (or is)?
Or alternatively, why limit the scope to free software? Should we promote
any scenarios which use Linux (a free OS) over a proprietary OS, even
if some of the software involved is non-free? [1]

Or can we tackle several of the approaches at once?

This comes down to a question of the goals of the people who are actually
contributing to seul/sci, because they're the ones who should decide
what seul/sci is about. Pete? (Others?)


[1] Indeed, this would argue against calling it 'GNU/Linux in Science',
since GNU would suddenly want to distance itself from the idea. I think
the phrase 'GNU/Linux in Science' is ambiguous at best, but that's
another issue entirely.