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[seul-sci] [Forwarded: KMatplot]

[ Pete here - forwarding this because the sender's email wasn't in the
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From: Kamil <kamildobk@poczta.onet.pl>
To: seul-sci@seul.org
Subject: ANNOUNCE: KMatplot 0.2.2 is out !
Date:   Fri, 13 Jul 2001 23:48:36 +0200

KMatplot is a Origin-like tool for plotting data sets in both two or three 
dimensions. It can plot a few types of 2d plots, including pixmaps and 
contours, and 3d surfaces. It offers a full WYSIWYG mode with multiple axes 
on a single page.  

 As opposite to Gnuplot, KMatplot has no scripting language and build-in 
expression parser, but it is more clickable, so easier to use for 
unexperienced users. It can be used instead of Gnuplot with Octave and Scilab 
- there are new dll functions installed in those packages, which communicate 
with KMatplot through an Unix socket. Those functions are named 'kplot', 
'kimage', kmesh', ... and are similar to those found in Octave. 

See: http://kmatplot.sourceforge.net

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