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[seul-sci] Current Status: SEUL/sci

Friends and Colleagues,

I've been conspicuous by my absence of late, mostly due to my work to finish
my M.Sc. Although it's going fairly well, I promise not to subject any of
you to it. :)

This list has been very quiet, which is not surprising given that the group
really hasn't been advertised anywhere yet. I am working on an announcement
to go out shortly to a few places (seul-announce, oswg and a few scientific
lists; suggestions for others are welcome).

Before that, however, I would like to introduce the first four projects to
SEUL/sci. Of course, I invite the project leaders to present their projects
in more detail to the list.

  Chemsuite - A suite for chemical drawing and modelling (Ricardo Stefani)
    http://chemsuite.seul.org - Chemsuite is actually a suite of several
    programs in development. One of which, MolCalc can be used to calculate
    molecular weights; a second (Chem2D) is a 2D molecular designer.

  gBib - a BibTeX bibliography database manager (Alejandro Sierra)
    http://gbib.seul.org - BibTeX is good for references, but sometimes
    getting the information in the proper format is a challenge.
    Alejandro's gBib program allows one to browse and edit BibTeX
    databases, and ensures that all requried fields are filled out.

  SNAC - SNAC's a Neat Algebraic Calculator (Matias Muchinick)
     http://snac.seul.org (was previously known as AlGnomegebraic) - Matias
     is busily working on new pages and a new version, so the web site may
     not be populated yet. I've tried the current version (AlGnomegebraic)
     and it was quite handy. This is the best complex calculator I've yet
     seen for Linux.

  R-Taskhelps - An illustrative documentation project for R (Pete St. Onge)
    http://www.seul.org/sci/r.html - the R Software System
    (http://www.r-project.org) is a very powerful and flexible GPL stats
    program; v.1.0.0 was recently released, but I've been using it since
    0.65.0. Documentation for it exists, but may be dense for many users
    not in a direct statistical field.

I've approached a few other projects as well about mirroring or hosting, and
I've received statements of interest in return. I will be following up with
them soon.

I've also contacted the leader of the Scientific Applications on Linux site,
Herng-Jeng Jou, and he's graciously allowed us to link to specific entries
on the SAL site. As our projects develop, I'd like to see our projects also
listed on SAL (the software projects thus far are) and these entires kept up
to date. 

     So far, so good. More to come soon.


Pete St. Onge