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Hi Folks,

          I am Ricardo stefani, the leader of chemsuite project. 
Chemsuite is a in development set of programs for chemsuite and 
consists of:

molcalc - A Molecular weight caculator.  It's already done. 
chem2D - A 2D Molecule drawing program. In development. Leader: 
chemModel3D - A 3D Large molecule modellig package. In 
development. Leader: Rene Fosdal
chemChroma: HPLC Simulator/Reader. NOthing yet.
chemMC. Monte carlo Integrator.
chemNMR: NMR reader and simulator.

                                   Development of stuff is very slow, 
because I am making my M. Sc. and Rene works in a real company, 
but we hope find out help and make things work quickily.


Ricardo Stefani
Departamento de Química - FFCLRP/USP
Estudos Fitoquímicos/Produtos Naturais

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