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Re: [seul-sci] Introducton.


  It'm my turn now! My name is Miguel Marques and I'm 25 years old. I am
portuguese, from Coimbra, but I'm currently in Bristol, England finishing
my PhD in Physics. My life is a bit complicated by now due to this fact,
and I', swapping country now every three months ;))

  Concerning computers and the like: I have some experience with all major
OSs, and linux in particular (I administer a linux box for over 5
years!) I also have some knowledge of programming (C, C++, Pascal, perl,
php, 68K assembler, etc). I use linux everyday in my work, and also at
home (Redhat mainly, but also tried SUSE)

  During the years I programmed quite some thousand lines of codes, mainly
educational programs for secondary schools. You can see part of the stuff
in http://nautilus.fis.uc.pt/st2.5, for example. My wish list for linux
would include a free numerical library, like NAG or IMSL, written in C
obviously, and with C/C++/etc bindings. Good template (and
standard) template libraries in C++ would also be very handy (like a
matrix library, both elegant, simple, powerfull and working; somehow none
of the ones I've seen were to my like, not even the one I've written ;))

  Miguel Marques