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[seul-sci] Introducton.

I think this is a wonderful idea to introduce ourselves.
My name is Mario M. da Costa, and I live and work in the tiny state of Goa in India. I have just completed my engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication from the Goa College of Engineering.

I am pretty new to Linux , I have worked a bit with Unix but it was mostly stuff like vi with a bit of shell and awk programming.

I have only recently started working as a trainee engineer for a VLSI company. I use Linux as a platform for running my simulations and really had to struggle with it. Nevertheless the more I struggle with it, the more I love it. I think as an OS, Linux is extremely rich in features, esp file handling provided you know how to use these features. Most of the work I do on Linux is for evaluation reasons, both for the OS as well as the front end software we use for simulating our designs.

I do not claim to be any sort of authority on Linux, nor have I totally stopped using Windows. I feel both have a lot to offer the user.

My programming knowledge is rudimentary, I do intend to learn C as well as perl.  I cannot say how soon as my work is hardware oriented.

That's about it.

Regards ,


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n:da Costa;Mario
tel;work:91-832-783616 upto 783623
org:ControlNet ( India ) Pvt. Ltd.;V.L.S.I.
title:Senior Engineer Trainee
fn:Mario da Costa