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Re: [seul-sci] For discussion

  Thanks for the nice introduction!

  It would be nice if you made a list of what is missing in Linux
  so we could reply to it. Normally there is always a similar program
  in Linux, the problem is that they are normally very different.

  Let me now introduce myself.

  I am around 35 years old (a bit old for these kind of stuff) and
  I am working right now at the Spanish Instituto Nacional de
  Meteorologia (I guess no translation is needed).
  I received my PhD at the Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias
  some years ago.
  Right now I am involved in several fields of research, mainly
  atmospheric aerosols and atmospheric remote water vapour
  measurements. As a side subject I also work in complexity in physical
  systems (chaos and such).

  I am the virtual head (not formal head) of the Grupo de Aerosoles y
  Radiacion from the Atmospheric Izaņa Observatory in Tenerife (Canary
  Islands). This group is formed by two more persons besides me.

  In the free software comunity I have written two drivers for data
  adquisition systems and some programs to adquire and plot that data.
  I think this is a field were there is much to be done in Linux.
  I am also getting more involved as a developer in the PDL language
  (Perl Data Language) which is a language based in Perl for
  manipulating large data sets. By the way there is also an interface
  for R from PDL.

  That's all. 

  Xavier Calbet