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Re: [seul-sci] For discussion


I am 23 years old, I live in Mexico City where I was born and raised,
I study Computer Engineering at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma
de Mexico.
I love programming, and I love linux and the GNU software because
that is how I learned programming, because others shared with me
their knowledge, and thats why I develop under the GPL.
I like programming everything and I have currently a couple of 
projects of my own, SNAC http://snac.seul.org, that SEUL/sci so 
kindly hostes, and GNOME Transcript, a SQL db Client for GNOME
http://gtranscript.sourceforge.net/, and I am also trying to help with
big important projects to develop my skills.

I am also trying to get organized a Linux Users Group at my Faculty,
we have big plans for this group GULFI (Grupo de Usuarios de Linux 
de la Facultad de Ingenieria), such as puting together a 
development group, making our own distribution for engineers.

Talking about sci, this is what seul-sci is about =-), I have always
had a big interest on computer algebra systems, thats how SNAC
was born, me and a couple of guys were thinking on how to evaluate
a string representation of an algebraic expression, and one friend 
came up with a nice algoritm(which was already rather known and 
used but we didnt know), and I decided to give it a practical use.