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SEUL-SEG/Getting started

Hi  all.   We  have  decided to get started as SEG reached half of a
'platoon strength' (i.e.  39 individuals).  Welcome aboard everyone.
A few opening words on SEG  are  enclosed below [1].  In a few days,
I'll send in a fill-in-the-blanks message which will be a  reference
card  (RefCard)  for  every  SEGer participating in the project: the
information (about your skills,  field of expertise, training, etc.)
will be coded and used, in the future, in the stats analyses for the
quality control of SEUL.

The  system  architecture,  in  SEUL,  is  beeing coordinated by the
following individuals (in alphabetical order):

    Dingledine, Roger <arma@mit.edu>
    Ducks, Two <twoducks@globalserve.net>
    Luka, Peter <luka@mit.edu>
    Walthinsen, Erik <omega@omegacs.net>
A few coders are working in other SEUL related groups.

I'm Aldo-P.  Solari (APS) and will be coordinating the SEG.  Please,
feel  free  to  introduce  yourself  so we may know who's around.  I
would, like to thank everyone and, particularly, the colleagues from
the FISH-ECOLOGY community for having joined this project.

Cheers to all,


Forwarded message follows:

           SEUL [Simple End User LinuxExpert Group [SEG]
                          September 1997
Welcome to the SEG.  Please,  save  this  message  for  your  future
reference and for circulation in the academic and home-computer-user

    * 1. On the Simple End User Linux Project [SEUL].
    * 2. On the SEUL Expert Group [SEG]: Mission statement.
    * 3. On the SEUL-SEG forum.
    * 4. Other fora within the SEUL Project.    
    * 5. Disclaimer.
         1. On the Simple End User Linux project [SEUL]

SEUL is a team-project, in part, based at the MIT, and consisting of
volunteers.  The aim is  to  make  an easy-to-use, free Linux based,
graphical user interface (GUI) operative system (OS) for Intel based
machines.  The OS and all ported  applications  will  be  under  the
General  Public  License  (GPL)  and  the free access to everyone is
guaranteed.  Several, free  scientific  packages (maths, stats, data
bases, visual data analyses as well as productivity  office  suites,
etc.)  will  be ported to the new system.  For more information, you
may like to view the SEUL web site at http://www.seul.org

       2. On the SEUL Expert Group [SEG]: Mission statement

Also,  the  SEG  consists  of  volunteers  from  three  main groups:
scientific/academic and non/technically oriented  users as well home
computer users.

The SEG will interact  with  'coders'  (i.e.   the programers of the
SEUL project) to produce a high quality, very easy to use  operative
system (OS) and ported applications suite.  This interaction will be
carried   out   through  the  design  and  statistical  analyses  of
questionaries which all SEGers should respond to:

You  will  be requested to download via file transfer protocol (ftp)
the OS and applications to test.   Furthermore, you will be asked to
tell what you think an OS should allow (no technical jargon needed),
what applications you need for what tasks, what you feel comfortable
with while working with a personal computer (PC) as well as  several
other  questions.   The  final output of SEUL will be the product of
this interaction  between  the  expertise  of  our  programers & the
expert group.

All  of  this  work  will  be  carried  out  through  the net, using
electronic mail and up- and downloading files, electronically.

We, firmly, believe this initiative is a good approach to  a  better
world.   The  production  and  distribution of operative systems and
software tools  may  go  beyond  the  mere  act  of  coding  and and
distribuing products: Consequences to society, through the evolution
of research and education with unrestricted software tools, may come
to be significative.  Guaranteed,  free  software  to  everyone,  as
defined  by the General Public License, may change the world for the

                   3. On the SEUL-SEG forum

The seul-seg forum will serve as  a medium to gather the information
needed by the project to assure  the  quality  research  &  control.
Messages should be addressed to:


             4. Other fora within the SEUL project

Several  other  lists  are  available for different tasks within the
SEUL project.   A  'lists'  command,  sent to majordomo@seul.mit.edu
will give you the updated lists of fora related to SEUL.

                        5. Disclaimer

All standard disclaimers for public mailing lists apply to SEUL-SEG.
Messages  are distributed automatically and neither institutions nor
individuals affiliated  to  SEUL,  SEG  or  any  other  SEUL related
entity, now or  in  the  future,  may  accept  any  responsibilities
whatsoever  for  the  use  of  any  products or information received
through this forum.

This file will be updated as need arises.
Oct. 1997.

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