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Re: [tor-talk] The Stop Online Piracy Act

> "To ensure compliance with orders issued pursuant to this section, the
> Attorney General may bring an action for injunctive relief.... against any
> entity that knowingly and willfully provides or offers to provide a product
> or service designed or marketed for the circumvention or bypassing of
> measures described in paragraph (2) ...

To the extent that means of squashing clearnet services are already well
covered and that this would therefore only apply to squashing Hidden

Sure. Yet it's just another question that still has to wind it's way through
congress, LE, and the courts. It pretty much boils down to whether or
not multi-use tools can be banned. Will computers be banned? What
about the maker of pen, paper and mail? Bernstein and lots of other
cases say no. So:

1) Keep on making a great product everyone loves.
2) Push and embed it as far, fast and wide as possible so as to make
removal a laughable concept, even for lawmakers.

Underground developers will pop up (using Tor, haha) if need be to
avoid injunction against any current legal entities. Directory servers
would become more distributed with bootstrapping going to a friend
invite friend model. Then it's back to those pesky questions above.
Wouldn't worry about it too much anytime soon.

Also, there's another thing on everyone's side that is rarely mentioned...
the generation of current and forthcoming public servants. By the time any
of these really hard questions come up, a majority will have been the ones
who grew up having fun in the internet age. The media curiosity of Obama
and his CrackBerry will become standard fare when Jane and her MMORPG's
and basement nodes get involved. Assuming start of the general populace
immersion and ownership of game/compute tech around 1980, we're looking
for the first time at 40yo politicians who are actually likely to have a good
grasp of such tech... except for the deal with said users/owners not having
much interest in politics :(
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