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Re: [tor-talk] Implement JSONP interface for check.torproject.org

On 11/06/2011 09:13 AM, Moritz Bartl wrote:
> I agree with Fabio on this one. A website explaining the badge should
> also mention the controversy and offer simple guides for local badge
> generation. You could also promote other sources for the badge, ie. the
> CCC and Torservers could host one.

I guess? I think it's good to discuss the issues in the open but I think
it's overwhelming to average users. Offer it as a simple service,
explain the risk, make it easy to use, etc.

> As for badge design, a script should support multiple designs (could be
> as easy as to drop images into a directory, and use a GET/POST parameter
> to select the images). Personally, I would like to see something as
> simple as the Torbutton "broken onion" (no text), one at 88x33 and one
> at 80x15.

I like the idea of everything being in a single script - to prevent hot
linking that falsely suggests someone is using Tor...

> Another paragraph should mention that it only compares your IP to a list
> of exit IPs, so it can lead to false positives if you happen to use the
> same IP for other purposes. The website should also clearly discourage that.

Seems reasonable. Already too complicated.

All the best,
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