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Re: [tor-talk] New Browser Bundle

On Tuesday, November 08, 2011 08:56:47 Christian Siefkes wrote:
> Does that work? As I understand it, clicking the "Use a new identity"
> button in Vidalia tells Tor to build new circuits for subsequent
> connections, but it doesn't seem to affect Aurora -- all the cookies that
> have assembled since the start of the session are still there. (At least
> on Linux, using the current version.)
> Or is there a different 'new identity' feature I missed?

There is a 'new identity' button in vidalia which does both clear caches and 
such in aurora and send new identity command to tor.

> > Intuitevly it sounds bad, yes.  However, I'd like to see baseline
> > research and then settings changes that are proven to improve anonymity
> > for the user. Of course, 'improve anonymity' implies some sort of
> > measurement, which ties into
> > https://blog.torproject.org/blog/research-problem-measuring-safety-tor-n
> > etwork
> If that is an open research question, why play it risky in the meantime?

To be clear, tbb already blocks 3rd party cookies. As for javascript enabled, 
I'm hoping Mike or Erinn will comment on why we ship tbb with javascript 
enabled by default. I know noscript and torbutton defang many attacks already, 
even with javascript disabled.

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