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Re: [tor-talk] New Browser Bundle

On 2011-11-09, Andrew Lewman <andrew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Tuesday, November 08, 2011 08:56:47 Christian Siefkes wrote:
>> Does that work? As I understand it, clicking the "Use a new identity"
>> button in Vidalia tells Tor to build new circuits for subsequent
>> connections, but it doesn't seem to affect Aurora -- all the cookies that
>> have assembled since the start of the session are still there. (At least
>> on Linux, using the current version.)
>> Or is there a different 'new identity' feature I missed?
> There is a 'new identity' button in vidalia which does both clear caches and
> such in aurora and send new identity command to tor.

No.  The âNew Identityâ command in Torbutton's popup menu clears state
in the browser; Vidalia's âNew Identityâ command does not.

Robert Ransom
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