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[tor-talk] Mac OS X: how to make sure everything is going through tor?

Hi all,
I am using Mac OS X and running the Vidalia Bundle. For my network connection that connects me to the internet, I have the Polipo address and port configured as the Web proxy, Secure Web proxy and SOCKS proxy in the network preferences.
Now, this seems to have worked, as all of my browser's connections are now going through tor. However, there are some apps such as chat clients, email clients, etc. that have their own proxy settings, and those don't seem to be affected by my default system proxy preferences. Thus, even if the system is configured to use the proxy, it seems as if some apps bypass the settings unless they are explicitly configured to also use the proxy. Now, I was wondering, is there any way for me to make sure that apps can only establish an internet connection through Polipo, and cut off the "untorified" route to the web?
Please note, I am mostly using tor to bypass restrictions on my current network, such as blocked outgoing ports and content filters, rather than trying to cover up my identity. Thus, I'm not all that worried about security risks that could expose my identity, but rather looking for a way to freely access whatever I want on the internet.
Thanks for any advice!
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