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Re: [tor-talk] Tor and big files

On 11/9/11 11:56 AM, James Brown wrote:
> Earlie it was written that torificatuon of torrent-clients for
> uploading/downloading big file is able to deanonimize tor users using
> such scheme.
> But what about downloading/uploading big files through ssh (scp, sftp,
> `rsync -e ssh` and etc.) or ftp over Tor?

At GlobaLeaks we've been testing past weekend file upload of multiple
big files between a Tor Browser Bundle and a GlobaLeaks server running
on Tor Hidden Service.

The files was quite big, with more than 2.5gb of data, and the transfer
went ok (it took many hours, but it worked).


p.s. Call for Javascript Hackers: Anyone willing to implement PGP
Encryption Plug-in for jQuery-File-Upload:
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