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Re: [tor-talk] "You are using Tor, but your browser profile differs from the recommended, `Tor Browser Bundle` default profile."

> Very thanks for those information. But what about "signature"? What
> means that parameter and how does it computes?

If you hover over the link, e.g. in the rating column you see how it is
composed: headers you sent AND the order of them are collected and
hashed. BTW: I just downloaded the latest Linux bundle I could find and
the test values seem quite fine (the Cache field should not be red but
that is an issue we still need to fix). The Torbrowser signature should
be aadd98ca8e50a5e29de9fe4b819197d1.

> As I suppose it is a hash of some data which browser send to server, and
> it must be the same on each TBB in the World, am I right?

Yes, it should.

> In the American version of the TBB it the same as in Russian but your
> test indicate that in Russian version is wrong and that in in American
> version is rights.

I am not sure what you mean but in the header signature are not all
headers included you send just the amount that is needed to distinguish
different browsers. Thus, you can have the same header signature but
still do not send the same headers.


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