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[tor-talk] Aurora tab loading status

Since Firefox took any meaningful tab / page loading progress bar or indicator of any kind out, several versions ago, I rely on addons in Firefox to give some indication of how fast & how much is left to load. If a page is slow / hung, I just cancel. Can't tell that in stock Aurora.

Swirling dots don't tell anything. Does anyone else use addon like Tab Mix Plus (that has tab loading progress options), or Status-4-Evar, etc?

There's so much about Firefox & thus Aurora, that is almost a necessity, IMO - esp. if using slower Tor network. Not just tab progress bars.

On one hand, I don't want to load up Aurora w/ all kinds of addons that may interfere w/ Aurora's primary function. On the other, unless just going to one or 2 sites & staying there, using stock Aurora is irritating at best, when comes to knowing how page loading is progressing.

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