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Re: [tor-talk] Aurora tab loading status

On 11/15/2011 5:06 PM, Roger Dingledine wrote:
On Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 05:01:48PM -0600, Joe Btfsplk wrote:
On one hand, I don't want to load up Aurora w/ all kinds of addons that
may interfere w/ Aurora's primary function.  On the other, unless just
going to one or 2 sites&  staying there, using stock Aurora is
irritating at best, when comes to knowing how page loading is
I use Vidalia's bandwidth graph, and leave my Firefox alone.

It's not perfect either, but I've found that Firefox is not very good
at guessing how close it is to being ready, and as you say, I don't want
to load up my browser with all kinds of addons.

I'm not sure I understand you - or vice versa. I was speaking of a "monitor" for a * single page (tab) * being loaded, not total thru put. AFAICT, the Vidalia bandwidth monitor would only be useful for my purpose, if the one page loading was the ONLY thing using bandwidth (will never be the case). AFAIK, it also can't show a monitor in addon bar, menu bar, etc., to see individual page loading progress at a glance.

I'm just looking for an indicator (green bar, numbers - what ever) that shows at least a relative speed, i.e., or the bar's even moving or not (if not actual values), and a rough % of how much is left to load. So I know if the page is stalled, taking way longer than I'm willing to wait or almost thru loading.

Tab Mix Plus can show horiz. progress bars on each tab. I've found they're pretty accurate & give a good idea if page is going to load or not. I've not used the other progress bar addons from MAO, but some have several choices of type indicator you'd like to see. If I remember, older Firefox versions had optional page loading status indicator - in lower L corner. Opera had (has?) very similar, that showed speed & % transferred.
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