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Re: [tor-talk] Vidalia for Iphone 3g

I agree that the CovertBrowser approach makes a lot of sense for reaching that maximum amount of iOS users in a usable manner. It was only recently that Apple began allowing alternate browsers and so this approach of embedding Tor in a browser app would not have been possible before then. In addition, the iOS model for background functionality is quite different than on Android, and do not believe it can support long running processes like Tor or Polipo. Hence, this single app, single process model is the only viable one.

The Guardian Project is focused on Android, but we are glad to see Tor brought to mainstream iOS.

MacLemon <tor@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>On 18.11.2011, at 11:21, Marco Bonetti wrote:
>> Totally agree: Tor itself works out of the box on iOS but this is not enough to get a safe browsing experience.
>Iâd like to emphasize that this only works on _jailbroken_ devices at all and when using WiFi (since you cannot (easily) add a SOCKS proxy for GSM/CDMA connections). I still appreciate all the work Marco hat put into making this possible.
>Stephanâs CovertBrowser works on normal iOS devices and over GSM/CDMA which clearly is an improvement. I agree that CovertBrowser should be audited properly to meet tor standards.
>Both ways are a definite improvement for iOS users who had no way to use tor before.
>Best regards
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