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Re: [tor-talk] Tor on Kindle 3G?

On 11/27/2011 02:21 PM, hepta tor wrote:
> However Kindle
> 3G is some embedded linux, not android. The interesting thing about
> Kindle 3G is that you get free internet worldwide (where 3G
> connectivity is available) but at the cost of surrendering your
> (browsing) privacy to amazon...

You can run the same Tor, cross-compiled for ARM, running on a rooted
Kindle device. The Linux running under the Kindle UI/apps is
surprisingly standard in many ways, more so than Android even. However,
I have only been able to do this over wifi, and have not attempted it
through the 3G connection.

I ultimately don't think the 3G connection would work, as the proxy used
is an HTTP one, and not SOCKS. Until you can tunnel tor inside of HTTP,
then it won't really be possible technically.

In addition, I think Amazon is fairly stringent about bandwidth usage on
this 3G link, and I doubt you would get much use out of it for things
beyond their intended purpose, before you were shutdown.

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