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Re: [tor-talk] What happen if one create 2000 exit nodes for 6 hours?

I've talked to the NoiseTor people and they told me they were inspired by Torservers, which is wonderful. I always hope[d] that by documenting everything and encouraging people to start similar organizations, we can get eventually generate more distribution than before (when Blutmagie saw a large portion of exit traffic). Also, we made sure that our statute allows redirection of funds to similar organizations. The problem our (non-tax) lawyer sees is that we might not be able to hold the charitable status if we redirect funds to non-charitable organizations, especially since our charitable status is temporary (the default for applying non-profits in the first years in Germany).

That said, unless we find new funding sources, we will soon become a lot smaller again. :-) The $10k from Access are (well) spent.

On 11/21/2011 08:53 PM, Andrew Lewman wrote:
On Monday, November 21, 2011 12:35:47 Andrew wrote:
Good thing we trust Moritz, torservers.net is growing. :P

One way to counter this is to grow more Moritz' such that the whole pool of
relays grows in relative proportion. It seems Noisebridge is another
organization that will take money and convert it into servers. And there is a
new Swedish organization possibly doing the same.

Moritz Bartl
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