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[tor-talk] MapAddress and AllowDotExit

Hi All,

I just discovered empirically that to allow the MapAddress option to
work, AllowDotExit must be set to 1.

1)  While perhaps this was written between the lines, I didn't find it
spelled out out anywhere.  If it is to remain this way, perhaps this
should be explicitly spelled out in the man page.  Which brings me
to ...

2)  Is this behavior desirable?  As I understand it, the reason the
AllowDotExit option exists in the first place is because it is dangerous
to allow dot exit notation from the browser and using dot exit notation
from the browser causes other problems.  If one or more MapAddress
directives are included in torrc, it seems pretty obvious that they are
intended to be followed.  Should AllowDotExit be changed so that it only
applies to dot exit notation from the browser and MapAddress directives
are followed regardless?


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