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[tor-talk] copying old profile to new Aurora not working

I upgraded to latest TBB 2.2.34-3 in Vista. I usually copy my profile from previous version of TBB / Aurora into new version, so as not to have to redo some custom settings or reinstall a few extensions I have in TBB.

This time, after copying the profile from older TBB & replacing the default profile in 2.2.34-3 (in path E:\Temp\Tor Browser\TBB 2.2.34-3\Tor Browser\FirefoxPortable\Data\profile), none of the extensions show up as installed when launching TBB. Copying was done w/ all TBB versions closed. I've never had a problem before copying or restoring a previous profile into a newer version of Aurora (or Firefox), where all the extensions didn't even show up in the Addons Mgr of new version.

But the extensions that don't show as installed in latest TBB Addons Mgr - when it starts, ARE listed in the proper place in Explorer - as in the previous TBB version. So, the extensions ARE in the profile\extensions folder, they just aren't showing up in Addons Mgr / Extensions in TBB 2.2.34-3.

Any suggestions?  Thanks.
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