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Re: [tor-talk] copying old profile to new Aurora not working

You're still doing it wrong, man.

As I said the last time you shot yourself in the foot doing this
copying the wrong way

  I would recommend just overwriting your old TBB dir with the new data.
  Sometimes we change prefs+create new ones, which could cause bugs for
  you when you copy old-over-new.
  If there are a lot of prefs you need to change, you (or we) might also
  be doing it wrong. Might I ask which ones you need to keep?

Thus spake Joe Btfsplk (joebtfsplk@xxxxxxx):

> I upgraded to latest TBB 2.2.34-3 in Vista.  I usually copy my profile 
> from previous version of TBB / Aurora into new version, so as not to 
> have to redo some custom settings or reinstall a few extensions I have 
> in TBB.
> This time, after copying the profile from older TBB & replacing the 
> default profile in 2.2.34-3 (in path E:\Temp\Tor Browser\TBB 
> 2.2.34-3\Tor Browser\FirefoxPortable\Data\profile), none of the 
> extensions show up as installed when launching TBB.  Copying was done w/ 
> all TBB versions closed.  I've never had a problem before copying or 
> restoring a previous profile into a newer version of Aurora (or 
> Firefox), where all the extensions didn't even show up in the Addons Mgr 
> of new version.
> But the extensions that don't show as installed in latest TBB Addons Mgr 
> - when it starts, ARE listed in the proper place in Explorer - as in the 
> previous TBB version.  So, the extensions ARE in the profile\extensions 
> folder, they just aren't showing up in Addons Mgr / Extensions in TBB 
> 2.2.34-3.
> Any suggestions?  Thanks.
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