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Glade help please

I'd like to make a new stable version which includes those changes Rob & I
made last year. Right now I think my major obstacle is Archon II - it's
unfinished and choosing it from the menu causes a crash.

What I thought I'd do is leave the code in but turn off the option in the
menu. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to make much sense of the Glade
tool. Can anyone give me some quick pointers? I'd like to know:

* are there significant differences between Glade versions? I have 0.5.9.
* Is it better to edit the XML directly than to use the tool?
* Where's the best tutorial/reference for Glade?
* How do I do this one specific thing? ( remove an item from a menu ...
possibly leaving it in as a comment so it can be added back )

- Mike