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Re: Is xarchon still alive?

Hi Daniel,

Xarchon is alive, but it's going at a relaxed pace ;)

>  I maintain the Debian package of xarchon.  A bug was filed against it which
>would require me to upload a new version of the package (to fix packaging
>issues); I'd like to combine that with a real update (ie, a new version of
>xarchon) if possible.

There are some changes in the CVS archive but some experimental code was
left in so I haven't made a new stable version. I would say go ahead and
upload your package.

>  The Web site has been saying for almost a year now that "new versions
>should be out soon.  Is this still true, or are things stalled?  (if the
>latter is the case, I'll just go ahead and upload a new Debian revision)

I should get rid of that line. Hopefully new versions will be out, but I
don't think saying so means much to people at this point.

- Mike