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checking in...

Hi Gang,

  Just checking in with everyone to let let you know that yes I still
live...things are kinda hectic so I haven't had time to do ANY of the
things i had planned.  As I told Ronen when I accepted the job as
maintainer, I know next to nothing about CVS and need to study the code
to get a better understanding of how things work.  I have recently
purchased a book on CVS, I have printed out the code and am up to my
eyeballs in work from my real job.  Mike and Rob have added some patches
so I'll need to check those out as well.

  I plan to revamp the web site (or if there are any volunteers...).  I
am also in the process of evaluating a bug tracking system of some
nature and when I decide on one I'm going to try to sweet talk Roger
into installing it for me.  This will hopefully facilitate future
updates of the code.  I am still planning to set up some sort of cron
job to create a dev tarball nightly so I have to figure out what needs
to be done there as well.

  As you can see, there are many plans just not enough time.  Please
bear with me.