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Re: checking in...

On Tue, 5 Sep 2000, Galen Johnson wrote:

>   I plan to revamp the web site (or if there are any volunteers...).  I
> am also in the process of evaluating a bug tracking system of some
> nature and when I decide on one I'm going to try to sweet talk Roger
> into installing it for me.  This will hopefully facilitate future

I don't mind maintaining the site and creating the visual, I do enjoy the
task :)  [current logo in Xarchon site was drawn by me, yes, blame me for
that uncroped white strip at the corner, the page really needs a redesign]

I am involved in various other projects, so I'll probably be unable to
update the site more than once a week. I don't believe you guys live for
XArchon coding, so that should not be a problem, and after the redesign is
done, other people than me can surely add news items, version updates
without trouble (having scripts for that is part of site design :).

For reference on the kind of thing you could get:


> updates of the code.  I am still planning to set up some sort of cron
> job to create a dev tarball nightly so I have to figure out what needs
> to be done there as well.

Hmmm...I don't think there's demand for it. Instructions on how to get a
cvs snapshot from anonymous CVS on the web page should be enough (unless
you're planning porting XArchon to Windows or MacOS, where users can be
quite clueless (and GNU-less) and have trouble getting it from cvs.

>   As you can see, there are many plans just not enough time.  Please
> bear with me.

"There's no time for love" - Charlie Brown.

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