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New site is up!

I've just put the new Xarhon site on its place, http://xarchon.seul.org

For people with access to SEUL's host who may wish to change the site:

(all paths here are relative to ~xarchon/public_html)

To change the contents of any of the pages, edit


To add or change a news item:

add or change a file in content/news directory. File name does not matter.
News items are sorted by date (file modification date). The syntax for
these files are:

1) first line: the item title
2) rest of file: the body of the item, which can contain HTML at will,
just be careful not to mess with table tags, as this will go inside a
table cell.

It seems that the PERL script is getting UTC time instead of EST time for
the changes, but this is a minor problem.

Stable and development versions are kept in the files STABLE and DEVEL in

After working any changes, re-run

./gensite.sh (from public_html)

This will regenerate the whole site, and pick new random phrases for the
footers of pages. The sources for the footers and content/*.txt

Let me know of any errors, typos, bugs, inaccuracies or improvements you
wish me to correct/make.

who:     Felipe Paulo Guazzi Bergo, undergraduate in Computer Engineering
what: Linux/FreeBSD developer and advocate. Working to ensure our freedom
mail:    bergo@seul.org || bergo@linuxstart.com || guazzibe@ic.unicamp.br
web:                                   http://www.ic.unicamp.br/~guazzibe
where:                           Unicamp - Campinas - SP - Brazil - Earth
* The core just keeps dumping, and dumping, and dumping...