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diagonal movement

I just hacked a gimp plugin that allows you to rotate an image any
angle.  I basically hacked the wr-trans plugin for the gimp by putting
all the code into one file so that gimptool could build it..anyway I'm
beginning to ramble.  "What do I care? This list is for Xarchon!", you
ponder.  I'll tell ya...now when the dragon moves diagonally...he looks
like he is moving diagonally.  So far i've only finished the dragon from
the rob/mike theme.  When I finish, I'll put the theme into contrib. 
I'm also working on the "make the field larger" option.  Since this just
enlarges the image, I'm actually doing it the hard way (enlarge the
current images by hand).  I'll keep you posted.


ooh...just had an idea for a new water elemental (and maybe fire, too!).