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checking in

Ok,  I'm not the artist I had hoped to be so the images aren't ready
yet.  I'm also taking longer to enlarge the images than planned.  I've
also been doing some thinking.

  I plan to make the next release version 1.0.  It will be pretty much
the same as it is now only with the ability to have a larger playing
field.  If we can get the new AI a little more user friendly (I haven't
won a single battle since I installed Mike and Rob's patch) I'd like to
include that as well since it does seem to play better.  The sound issue
can be worked on as we go since it does have a rudimentary sound.  I
would, however, like some instructions on how to get sound without
running the daemon.  I know there is a way to do this but can't find it
at the moment.

In version 2.0 I would like to include the adept code.  I feel this
would be a large enough enhancement to justify the 2.0 nomenclature. 
However, I am depending heavily on others mainly because I never
actually played adept.

Version 3.0 would be the move to SDL.



NB - I have set no deadline for this.