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Re: checking in

On Thu, 21 Sep 2000, Galen Johnson wrote:
>   I plan to make the next release version 1.0.  It will be pretty much
> the same as it is now only with the ability to have a larger playing
> field.  If we can get the new AI a little more user friendly (I haven't
> won a single battle since I installed Mike and Rob's patch) I'd like to
> include that as well since it does seem to play better.  The sound issue
> can be worked on as we go since it does have a rudimentary sound.  I
> would, however, like some instructions on how to get sound without
> running the daemon.  I know there is a way to do this but can't find it
> at the moment.

  I'm not aware of any way to do it w/o the daemon.  It's supposed to
start the daemon if it isn't already running and then the daemon
terminates when the program does.

> In version 2.0 I would like to include the adept code.  I feel this
> would be a large enough enhancement to justify the 2.0 nomenclature. 
> However, I am depending heavily on others mainly because I never
> actually played adept.


> Version 3.0 would be the move to SDL.

Cool.  Are we going to differeniate between stable and unstable?  I'm
probably going to dink around with SDL sound in the pre-adept time frame,
but we probably shouldn't submit the users to my tinkerings.