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Re: [f-cpu] Manual 0.2.6

Quoting Thomas Lavergne <thomas.lavergne@laposte.net>:

> >>>      6.1.2 `loadcons':
> >>>              The jury is still discussing this.
> >>
> >>Ok, but you and thomas write the latest post, because nobody answer, I
> >>was thinking it was decided.

> > i am definitely against.

> I'm definitely for...
> Or for any other proposition that allow simple constant loading of any
> size. And thats not the case for your loadcons/loadconsx.

So it's under discussion ;-)

Yann the reason you give to me for not doing it is only that you need 3 times
more place for the version that Thomas want than for the one you whant, right >
But Thomas version is more scalable and orhtogonal. And in fact I don't see
that it cost so much. (I think you didn't explain completly your reason on
the mailing list, like you explain to me, so if you have time it would be a
good idea)

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