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Re: [gftp] Re: proxy support for SSH transfers

Brian Masney wrote:

Not at the moment. The HTTP proxy server would have to know how to speak the
SSH/sftp protocol to the remote server. I'm not aware of a proxy server
that knows how to do this.
I believe WinSCP for Windows (SSH/SCP file transfer client) has support for different kinds of proxies, like HTTP, SOCKS, or WINGATE, so it's not a matter of a proxy, but of an application, is it?

SOCKS proxy support would be useful also for HTTP and FTP transfers.

I believe that you can use Dante (http://www.inet.no/dante/) to connect
to a SOCKS proxy server. You can setup your LD_PRELOAD environment variable
and then all of your applications will work through the proxy server
Yeah, that's what I'm using now. It would be more handy to have it in gFTP's options though.


-- T.