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Re: [gftp] Getting ready for next gFTP release

Brian Masney wrote:

> Oliver, I tested my code under FreeBSD 4.8/axp and I have created the
> patch gftp-bsd-largefile-source.patch that makes sure that gftp uses
> O_LARGEFILE. It required a change to configure.in, so you will need to
> regenerate configure. In case you don't have automake/autoconf, I put
> the new configure online at http://www.gftp.org/configure.gz

Hi, I compiled it with my FreeBSd 4.9 box, and it looks like it doesn't
get defined. my 4Gb files are showned as 2GB files.
When I define _LARGEFILE_SOURCE hard in config.h it compiles and works.
It looks like the detection in gftp.h doesn't work properly

 Oliver Lehmann