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Re: [gftp] marketing: target use case and target audience of gftp

This list is incomplete, but is only concluded from my own use cases, I
hope other people contribute how they /uses/ (not only how they
develops) gftp, and get a complete use case table.

My main use for gFTP is in web development. It uses much less memory than for example FileZilla. I do occasionally use Gnome's file manager (nautilus) for FTP, but the problem with that is it uses a single process for all nautilus windows. When your computer has been running for several weeks, and you've got a bunch of nautilus windows spread across many workspaces, it eventually crashes for one reason or another, taking down every single file manager window, including any that you were using for FTP. Since gFTP uses a dedicated process for each instance, it doesn't have this problem.

The slow pace of development on gFTP is pretty frustrating to me, especially when it comes to bugs that cause it to crash: I currently have to use an old version (2.0.18) because 2.0.19 crashes regularly, as I reported here over a year ago:


But I know Brian isn't getting paid to support gFTP so I can't be too hard on him -- and in spite of its problems, gFTP is still the best FTP client I've found.

Anthony DiSante