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Re: [gftp] marketing: target use case and target audience of gftp

On 03/26/2010 01:34 AM, Qianqian Fang wrote:
On 03/25/2010 11:55 PM, Anthony DiSante wrote:
The slow pace of development on gFTP is pretty frustrating to me, especially when it comes to bugs that cause it to crash: I currently have to use an old version (2.0.18) because 2.0.19 crashes regularly, as I reported here over a year ago:


this really looks like a WM or video driver issue.
However, if you can convince me gftp is guilty and
give a reliable procedure to reproduce this issue
on a second machine, I would be glad to investigate
(so far, I haven't been able to duplicate it on my

I wish I could determine a reliable way to reproduce it, but it seems quite random. It's just as I described in the bug report: I'll be using gFTP for a while (could be minutes, hours, or days), all the while going about my business normally, using gFTPs, Firefox, text editors, terminals, etc; but eventually, for no apparent reason, when I switch from gFTP to some other window, a few seconds later I notice that my CPU is spiked at 100% and the gFTP window is frozen.

This has happened ever since 2.0.19 was released, across all the versions of Gnome/Ubuntu since then. I'm running an Intel Core2Duo system with 8 GB of RAM. I think my system and usage is pretty unexotic, except that I tend to keep a lot of stuff running for a long time. I have 36 workspaces and at any given time I have several dozen text editors and xterms running, along with ~5-10 gFTPs, all of which uses a fair amount of RAM, but otherwise doesn't tax the system much, and doesn't seem to be a problem in general nor for any other apps on my system.

I'm sure it's possible that the problem is actually with something else (WM, video driver, whatever), but I've never seen this behavior with any app other than gFTP 2.0.19.

Anthony DiSante