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Re: [gftp] marketing: target use case and target audience of gftp

> gFTP still doesn't handle tranfers well, when it's tens of thousands of
> files and thousands of folders. It just spins for a while and quitly
> exits/crashes.
> It's usable, especially for making ssh2-connections, but it doesn't do large
> transfers at all.
I believe it is a good option for single large transfers because of its
resume capability. I recently uploaded a 2.5Gb file over a slow link for
36hours, with one disconnection and resume.

> I haven't confirmed it recently, but I vaguely remember
> that gftp (SSH2) is much slower than say scp or
> copying via an sshfs-fuse mounted file system.
> If this is still true (I'll check it) a long term
> enhancement request would be to fix this.
I made a test with the same file, uploading from my PC to the same
server at the same time. scp seems to be twice as fast as gFTP. I have
the compression option on for both but it was already a compressed file
(40Mb). I can't explain why this happens. I agree that this is a serious
issue and if gFTP is the problem we should try to get it fixed.