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RE: [gftp] marketing: target use case and target audience of gftp

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>Subject: Re: [gftp] marketing: target use case and target audience of gftp
>> >
>> >    1. gftp offer fine-grain control over overwrite/continue/skip option
>> >       on each files, when uploading lots of files. This is useful for
>> >       website management.
>> >    2. gftp endures broken connection better and show connection broken
>> >       (instead of hiding it) on the user interface.
>> >    3. gftp supports continue (reget, reput), good for transferring
>> >       files.
>> >
>> > This list is incomplete, but is only concluded from my own use cases, I
>> > hope other people contribute how they /uses/ (not only how they
>> > develops) gftp, and get a complete use case table.

gFTP still doesn't handle tranfers well, when it's tens of thousands of
files and thousands of folders. It just spins for a while and quitly

It's usable, especially for making ssh2-connections, but it doesn't do large
transfers at all.

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