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Re: [gftp] a new svn repo with recent updates

On 03/28/2010 07:35 AM, Helmut Jarausch wrote:
Hi Qianqian,

I've tried your patched version of gftp.
I think I've found a small bug.

When I select more than one file and then
use the right mouse button to display the menu,
the selection gets lost except the one on which
I pressed the right mouse button.

That's a regression w.r.t. to the original version of gftp.

hi Helmut

The only item in the popup menu that works for multiple
selection is Delete. All other options raise an error.

To keep this option, I made the following change:
when you right click on a selected item (can be one
of the multiple selected items), the original selection
will be kept. Otherwise, the old selection is destroyed.

please update from svn and test this. the diff can be
found at

Thanks for looking into it,