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Re: [gftp] gFTP: 2.0.16 has been released

Oliver Lehmann wrote:

> Hi Brian, hi List,
> Brian Masney wrote:
> > I am pleased to announce the availability of gFTP 2.0.16. Here is a
> > list of changes since version 2.0.15:
> When I try to transfer a file which currently exists on the remote
> system, I'm geting the "Overwrite, Resume, Skip File" window where the
> filesize and other details are listed. The listed sizes of the localy
> stored and the remote stored files are everytime listed as "'ld". 'ld
> seems to be a freaky size ;) 

That also happens in the normal filelisting dialog. All filesizes are
listed as "'ld".

at least FTP:
repeat step1 (transfer a allready existing file) but hit "Skip File" so
the file doesnt' get transfered.
And now exit gftp. You'll get the "There are file transfers in progress.
Are you....". But there aren't!

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