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RE: [gftp] gftp slow over ssh

Brian Masney, I believe, is the author/maintainer of gftp.  I believe he
just finished either a Masters or Ph.D. thesis this past summer, and that at
the time took precedence over donating his time to this project.  He did
release a test release "recently" about the same time my patch was approved.
My patch, though, was just to fix a problem I ran into (a crash) -- and I
don't have the time right now to give to solving other people's problems.  I
must admit that mostly lately I've been using WinSCP in Windows to transfer
files.  In Linux I still use gftp, but mostly for just plain old 'ftp' file
transfers - only recently did I even discover it did some form of secure

I'm replying on the list now because it seems like no one else has anything
to say and I'd hate to see this project die.  It's a great tool on Linux.


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Rob Wilkens schrieb:
> Just to give some sort of answer, the ftp protocol in general seems to be
> slow compared to scp.  I noticed the same thing when I use the Zend PHP
> to ftp files back and forth.  SCP is, it seems, much faster.  I wish I had
> the time to implement SCP in gftp (if it's not already there), because I
> some opportunity to become familiar with the source code to gftp already
> back around April-May of this year when I fixed a small bug,
> or fortunately, I picked up a paying (unrelated) project which is keeping
> busy.
i don't understand this. does gftp uses ftp protocol tunneled over ssh?
as far what i can see at the first glance is that gftp forks ssh with
following command:
ssh -e none -l user -p xxxx domain.com -s sftp

i tried also sftp command-line client to connect to my server, it seems
to be slightly slower but not as slow as the gftp.
i get download speeds of 900kbps-1Mbps with openssh sftp.
see also this for scp/sftp comparison in winscp:
i would suggest to implement sftp correctly at first, cause with sftp
you would have features like: transfer resume, append to end of file
which wouldn't be possible with scp.

btw. i'm using 2.0.18-r4 on gentoo.

whats the status with gftp-anyway? there seems to be no progress since
several months. who maintains it?



> -Rob
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> Dear Zsolt, 
> I have exactly the same problem, and reported it already here on the 
> mailing list, without getting any feedback. So I started to wonder if I 
> cocked up somewhere. Good to see that it seems to be a more general 
> problem, and it would be even better if there was a solution for it. 
> Cheers, 
> Boris