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RE: [gftp] Cannot view files in Website

I don't use KDE that often, so I do not know.  Can you explain the process
for turning off your firewall settings?  If it's running a command, then
from konsole you should be able to do a "su" and type in root password and
that'll give you a root login from which you can type root-level commands
including gui commands if your tool is a gui tool).  If your tool is a gui
tool, try right clicking on the launcher, selecting properties (presuming
that's an option in kde) and looking at the command used to run the
configuration tool.  Then type that command from the "su" login in konsole..

Good Luck,

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On Monday 27 November 2006 3:06 pm, Rob Wilkens wrote:
> Also: Check/Temporarily-turn off any firewall/selinux settings you may
> on the client machine.  Some forms of ftp (not all) require the server to
> be able to connect to _you_ and if that's the case, the firewall may be
> preventing the connection.  The fix may be to open up incoming ports >
> so the connection can be made.
> Don't hold me to any of this.  I'm not an ftp/gftp expert, but these are
> things to try anyway.

Thank you for that suggestion, Rob.  I tried various options, but nothing 
worked until I turned the firewall off and then a complete success.

The problem with my very old system (Pentium II 300MgHz clock speed) is that

to turn off the firewall and turn it back one I have to log in as Root and 
that takes about 5 mins.

Is there a command sequence in Konsole that could do the same with root 
password and without having to reboot?

Thanks again,