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Re: [gftp] Cannot view files in Website

On Monday 27 November 2006 3:06 pm, Rob Wilkens wrote:
> Also: Check/Temporarily-turn off any firewall/selinux settings you may have
> on the client machine.  Some forms of ftp (not all) require the server to
> be able to connect to _you_ and if that's the case, the firewall may be
> preventing the connection.  The fix may be to open up incoming ports > 1023
> so the connection can be made.
> Don't hold me to any of this.  I'm not an ftp/gftp expert, but these are
> things to try anyway.

Thank you for that suggestion, Rob.  I tried various options, but nothing 
worked until I turned the firewall off and then a complete success.

The problem with my very old system (Pentium II 300MgHz clock speed) is that 
to turn off the firewall and turn it back one I have to log in as Root and 
that takes about 5 mins.

Is there a command sequence in Konsole that could do the same with root 
password and without having to reboot?

Thanks again,