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Re: [gftp] gFTP as a mirroring tool

Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:

I was looking for a tool able to mirror a remote folder via ssh.

What's interesting, I didn't find one! gFTP seems to be the only thing able to do this (AFAIK, rsync -e ssh needs to have a remote rsync server running).
That's not true. Rsync does not require an rsync server on either machine. It can use SSH as the transport instead. From the manpage:

There are eight different ways of using rsync. They are:


o for copying from the local machine to a remote machine using a remote shell program as the transport (such as rsh or ssh). This is invoked when the destination path contains a single : separator.

o for copying from a remote machine to the local machine using a remote shell program. This is invoked when the source contains a : separator.

rsync -a --delete user@remotehost:/source/path /local/dest/path


rsync -a --delete /local/source/path user@remotehost:/dest/path

I use rsync for this all the time.