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Re: [gftp] Re: gftp and squid

* Betr.: " [gftp] Re: gftp and squid" (Tue, 28 Oct 2003 06:15:52 -0500):

> There are definately more HTTP improvements in 2.0.15, I would suggest
> upgrading. The packages that I built on my website are built off of
> unstable. If you want to build a Debian package for Woody, make sure
> that you have the dpkg-dev package installed, download the source
> tarball to gftp and change to the gftp source directory and type
> dpkg-buildpackage. If you are missing some development packages needed
> to compile gftp, you will be told which packages you need to install.
> Once everything is completed, you will have a DEB created for you in
> your parent directory.

Thank you very much for helping immediately!

Yes, indeed I know, how to build backports, but the problem is, that the
libgtk2.0-dev and imagemagick packages, which are required for
builduing, afford themselves an upgrade of multiple other packages,
which I would prefer not to touch. But I will inspect once more the
situation. I think the simplest solution had been, if someone with a
highly backported woody system could provide me a backport, hence my