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[gftp] Changing Novell servers with CWD //server

My university uses Novell servers and it's possible to access them via FTP. I can access my Novell home directory with gFTP just fine.
What doesn't work is switching to another Novell server. It is supposed to work using command "CWD //someserver"
I'm trying to type "//someserver" into the remote directory combobox.
However, gFTP filters the slashes and sends "CWD /someserver". The server (correctly) responds with "550 Invalid Path".
The only way for me to access the other Novell servers is using the commandline ftp client.

After some googling I've found that there are other universities using this method of changing Novell servers:

Is there a way to teach gFTP to allow the two slashes in CWD commands?

Michal Schmidt